96”H x 96”W x 96”D


ɐɹnɔsqo is simulating nature in a human-made environment. 
By creating this interior space erected outdoors, there is a subtle commentary on the overly technological world. As humans today, we often lose touch with nature, and in some cases are only aware, exposed, or drawn to the artificial version of it. In this instance, the viewers are confronted with an imitation of nature as something perhaps more enticing and peaceful than nature itself. This installation will travel around to different locations to educate and share the experience of viewing the world in a different way.

Rhino 3d and Grasshopper were used to calculate the focal distance, angle of view, and image diameter are based on the box size, light wavelength, pinhole diameter, and thickness of pinhole plane.

This is a collaboration with Jillian Marie Browning, Annie Donovan, and Brittany M. Watkins.

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