Vitruvian Reflexion
aluminum, Stainless steel

76”H x 76”W x 8”D - Installation Dimensions Variable

“As artists, we must push the limitations of technique, media, and message – innovating, always — if we are to engage viewers on multiple levels. Wonder junkies will delight in Noah Brock’s stunning sculptural work “Vitruvian Reflexion,” the winner of this year’s competition. While appearing to bend the laws of physics and awe with its balance of strength and vulnerability, both the reflexion and the reflection captivate the viewer from the approach. But, the viewer must enter and engage to complete Brock’s vision. Interacting with this masterwork is truly an immersive experience, which ignites curiosity – and that is exactly where art must be today.” -- Susan Welsh, Valdosta National 2015 Juror

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